About SVI S.p.A.

i macchinari che hanno creato la storia della SVI SpA
  • The company SVI SpA was founded in 1999 by the will of Mr. Sambuchi lvano and Mr. Vannoni Mauro, current President and CEO, respectively, with the prerogative to develop a company that would specialize in the construction of railway vehicles (“yellow machine”) useful for construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure.

  • Since the beginning SVI SpA has introduced to the market as a company extremely dynamic, proactive and innovative in terms of products with an excellent quality-price ratio, important factors that have proved decisive to success in the domestic market for what concern rolling stock with construction & maintenance of overhead electrical traction line attitude (catenary).

  • Over the years the SVI SpA activities have always been increasing and that may require the acquisition of an external production site, equipped for the main production processes of SVI SpA products, creating the MTI Srl characterized by the same SVI SpA corporate structure. With this acquisition SVI SpA grew in terms of flexibility and responsiveness for the execution of dedicated parts of the project, putting the company itself in a position to look ahead with the awareness to be able to manage, with their own resources, the high volume of work that the market, it was hoped, had offered in the following years.

  • In the early years SVI SpA has developed its business mainly on the local Italian business because at that time that market take advantage of “positive” factors linked with government funding for European high speed railway lines; in such a situation the rail lines activities were assigned to private companies “immobilized" due to a previous stagnant period caused by lack of investment which had produced an obsolete railway machine fleet, deficient both in terms of normative and by operational functionality point of view. The youthful characteristic, together with dynamic and proactive attitude of the company, allowed at SVI SpA to take advantage of this contingent period offering highly innovative and with high-performance products to the market with extremely competitive prices.

  • Starting from 2006, thanks to several Italian Customers connected with world-class companies, who purchased SVI SpA “railway yellow machine” necessary to work in Italy, then moved on several sites located around the world, the "target" market of SVI SpA is inevitably raised helping to make known the quality of its products to different companies that was operating in several worldwide countries. Hence the acquisition of new Customers distributed around the Mediterranean Area, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Maghreb area that have allowed SVI SpA to be present today in many countries around the world.

  • With the experience reached directly on the "field", seen the excellent feedback that SVI SpA is receiving from their rail machines operating in the most extreme conditions and especially with the “trust” that the several markets are returning to society, SVI SpA is a real candidate to be a reference point increasingly marked for what concern the whole segment linked to the vehicles for railway infrastructure, which should go inevitably through new and heavy investments by governments of various worldwide countries, to meet the demand for an "interconnected world” achievable only through the adoption of an efficient transportation systems, such as railway transportation, in order to satisfy the expectations of the younger worldwide generation by making them partners of the well know "global world".

  • Today SVI SpA is an industrial company capable of producing railway vehicles useful for railway infrastructure, using all the production process phases, starting from the development-design up to after-sales service.



    SVI SPA opens the new Tuscany facility in Lucignano.


      SVI SPA participated, as a Bronze Sponsor, at the 11th edition of WCRR exhibition held in Milan - ITaly from 29th May to 2nd June 2016.
    STAND B3

  • INNOTRANS 2014

      SVI SPA will participate, as an exhibitor, at the next edition of INNOTRANS 2014 exhibition to be held in Berlin from 23 to 26 September 2014.