The mission of SVI S.p.A.

la mission di SVI SpA
  • The mission of SVI S.p.A. is to operate in the segment of railway infrastructure that has always been strategic for the development and modernization of every worldwide country.

  • The legitimate aspirations of peoples to improve their living conditions making it necessary to efficient transport system and interconnected with those of other countries in order to meet the expectations of new generations making them participants in a "global and interconnected world".

  • This will lead, over the next year, having to invest increasingly in the worldwide transport segment to bridge the gaps existing today in many countries, both at the individual level in term of infrastructure and for necessary interconnections between them.

  • SVI S.p.A. intends to be a Partners “experienced and consolidated" able to provide all the support, know-how and capacity of technologies development, tools and machinery that would be necessary to reach the above mentioned "global" rail objective.



    SVI SPA opens the new Tuscany facility in Lucignano.


      SVI SPA participated, as a Bronze Sponsor, at the 11th edition of WCRR exhibition held in Milan - ITaly from 29th May to 2nd June 2016.
    STAND B3

  • INNOTRANS 2014

      SVI SPA will participate, as an exhibitor, at the next edition of INNOTRANS 2014 exhibition to be held in Berlin from 23 to 26 September 2014.