SVI S.p.A. has created its own web portal (ON FIELD MANAGEMENT MACHINE) that interacts with SVI machines when working. There are equipped with a dedicated information system and advanced diagnostics to manage the machines remotely by (the use of) Internet.


The minimum system requirements are:

  • a) Pc/Note Book/Smartphone/Tablet connected to Internet;
  • b) Internet Browser (es: Explorer, Chrome etc..) ;
  • c) Key-access (provided by SVI) to Web portal SVI OFMM.
Web portal is accessible 24h from anywhere you can connect to Internet.
SVI S.p.A. releases a login access to the machine equipped with this system (purchased as an accessory) and guarantees security and confidentiality of the processing of any sensitive data.


The Web portal allows the monitoring, control and dialogue with SVI machines that are part of the customer fleet with:

  • a) Geolocation;
  • b) Paths/routes;
  • c) Fuel consumption details;
  • d) Telemetry;
  • e) Alarm log;
  • f) Maintenance status and management;
  • g) Report extraction.

The extraction of reports in electronic format makes it possible to import the available information of the single machine into the user company’s management systems in order to manage the costs and the supply of consumables (for example: fuel) for logistics and shipyard management.

  • • The SVI OFMM application allows the communication with the single motor railway vehicle that is working by sending massages/orders to the operators of the same machine, for example:
    • a) To report the speed to be kept during the movements of the machine
    • b) To report the geolocation
    • c) Start and end time of working ranges