Trade Agreements

  • 23 maggio 2012 - The company SVI SPA has signed a sales-contract with the company "UAB Vilniaus Lokomotyvu Remonto Depas" for the design, construction and sale of a Railway Vehicle belonging to the family "multipurpose machine" suitable for construction and subsequent maintenance of the overhead contact line (catenary). This vehicle will be built almost entirely in Italy at SVI SPA headquarter and completed, only in some small final assembly, inside the VLRD-Vilnius company ( and delivered later on to the final customer (Lithuanian Railways).
    This agreement is already a base-point for a future and more extensive cooperation between the two companies that will include the joint development of future opportunities, both as regards the integration of technical and production companies and also for a commercial collaboration, not only in Lithuania but also in neighboring countries which adopt the metric railway gauge 1520mm.